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Consultation on Proposed BT Payphone Box Removal in Aberdeenshire BT are currently carrying out a consultation on the proposed removal of 30 public phone boxes in Aberdeenshire. You may have seen details of this consultation posted on affected phoneboxes within this area. Following an initial consultation with communities, Aberdeenshire Council have prepared a draft response to BT setting out whether we agree or object to the proposals for each phone box and the reasons why. This draft response is attached in the document section. We would now like to ask for any further comments on the draft before submitting our final response to BT. Please email any comments/ feedback to by 30 September 2019. Communities may be interested to know that they have the option of ‘adopting’ their local box once the phone has been removed. More information on this can be found at Monday 30 September 2019
Health and Social Care Partnership - Draft Strategic Plan 2020 - 2025 The HSCP draft Strategic Plan has been developed with input from people and communities across Aberdeenshire. This 5 year plan sets out the strategic direction of the partnership and details the five key priority areas it will focus on in order to meet the health and social care needs of our communities. We now wish to give people the opportunity to comment on this draft version of the plan, and the output of the consultation will be used to inform the final version of the plan to be published in January 2020. We would like to gain your views on the draft plan via this short survey, your responses will help to shape the final plan which will be published January 2020. Friday 04 October 2019

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