Aberdeenshire Educational Trust Pupil Travel Grant

Please complete this form if you wish to apply for a grant to help fund the cost of a pupil going on a school trip. To be eligible for this grant, you must be resident in a property which is within the former Aberdeen County Council area.

During the application you may have the opportunity to upload some documents that back up your claim. These include:

  • proof of any benefits that you are receiving
  • proof of any earnings and other income or savings

As well as uploading the documents, you can also email them to asataet@aberdeenshire.gov.uk, or post them to the following address:

Aberdeenshire Council
PO Box 18533
Inverurie AB51 3WX

View terms and conditions in the Aberdeenshire Educational Trust privacy notice (pdf 72KB).

Section 1 - Details of Excursion
If you are unsure of exact cost, enter approximate cost
Section 2 - Pupil Details
Please include postcode
Section 3 - Parent or Guardian Details
Mother, father, legal guardian etc.
Section 4 - Your Income and Benefits

Tick all that apply. Evidence of all benefits received must be provided. You can upload your documents, email to asataet@aberdeenshire.gov.uk or send a copy to Aberdeenshire Council, ASAT, PO Box 18533, Inverurie AB51 3WX
Section 5 - Income - Earnings or other
Please only complete this section if you or your partner are not in receipt of any of the benefits listed in Section 4.
Section 6 - Dependent Children

Section 7 - Parent or Guardian's Declaration