Empty Property Relief


Please complete this form if you are applying for Empty Property Relief.


Note: In order to confirm your application for relief, your property may require to be inspected. A member of the Visiting Team may contact you to arrange a suitable time to visit.


If you require assistance completing this online form please contact Aberdeenshire Business Rates Team on 01346 415824.


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Evidence can be sent to: Aberdeenshire Council, Freepost, PO Box 18533, Inverurie, AB51 5WX.

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I confirm that that the information provided by me on this form is both accurate and complete and I undertake to notify the Council immediately of any change in my circumstances (including any change at my property) which may affect the level of exemption and/or relief which I have applied for. I understand that the information I have provided on this form will be used by Aberdeenshire Council to determine my liability for Business Rates and that the Council may make whatever enquiries it considers necessary to verify the information I have provided. I also understand that it is an offence to knowingly provide incorrect information and/or make a false declaration.

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