The Team Talk PPP

Date Published: 04 September 2020

​Chief Executive Jim Savege paid tribute to colleague’s efforts since the outbreak of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic in a conversation with staff during a weekly Team Talk. 

He also described the council’s Covid-19 response as focusing on three words starting with ‘p’ – Priorities, Pride and People. 


Jim had a message of empowerment to colleagues – if we can’t do it, don’t. The council’s priorities have recently changed to reflect the new Covid-19 reality facing Aberdeenshire. Consideration is also being given to a new council plan which will drill down into what services the council must focus on. 

“We live in a current climate that as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic we can’t do everything. If there are services we can’t offer then you have my blessing to have a conversation with your colleagues about what your priorities need to be. We need to work collectively on what services we can focus on and deliver well for the benefit of our communities, rather than spread ourselves too thinly,” Jim said. 


Pride in respect to the way services have continued or restarted. Jim highlighted how attendance figures at schools remained steady and that an incredible amount of work had gone in from a range of services (transportation, catering, cleaning and education to name a few) to work collaboratively on the return to education in schools. 

Jim said: “Hats off in a most sincere way to every colleague in all services. Everyone has played a massive part in the council having to rapidly redesign and remake services in the midst of a global pandemic which has seen homeworking become the norm. 
“Many of you have had to supervise and educate your children whilst carrying out a full-time job with little warning. I cannot stress how proud I am in each and everyone of you for your contribution in times that expectations have been beyond tough.” 


An acknowledgement of working together to the benefit of our communities so that the challenges ahead can overcome as best as possible was also a feature of the Team Talk. 

Jim said: “People are the heart of the council. We all collectively need to show compassion and care from the chief executive, management and all colleagues, collaboration and taking the time to talk is so important.”

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The next Team Talk will focus on service priorities. It will take place from 10am to 11am on Thursday, September 17. A link to join will be circulated shortly.