New workstation e-learning course on ALDO

Date Published: 07 September 2020

Current Aberdeenshire Council guidance is that employees should work from home where possible. Over the coming weeks, managers are asked to work with their teams to ensure the right arrangements and equipment are available to sustain flexible home working. To assist with this, the ALDO Workstation E-Learning Course​ has been revised and it is recommended that all employees who use display screen equipment complete this course, even where they have completed this previously.

The ALDO course contains a personal assessment checklist that employees can complete and if they identify any problems or issues from the checklist, they should contact their line manager who can assist further. Where required, line managers can then seek further advice from the Health, Safety and Wellbeing team.

If office furniture is required for working from home e.g. a chair, Line Managers can make appropriate arrangements with the Head of Establishment or for corporate offices, contact

Should there be a need for additional equipment e.g. laptop stand or footstool, Line Managers can make arrangements for this to be collected from the office or, where not available, Line Managers can purchase these through the normal procurement route. If there is a need for additional IT equipment e.g. a monitor that you cannot collect from an office, you can contact

Further advice is available on the COVID microsite​ including guidance and information for managers and employees​. This guidance includes information on working from home, health, safety & wellbeing advice and tax relief.

There is also the IT Hub​ where employees will find various resources for working remotely. 

Output from the future ways of working employee engagement survey will be used to identify any further support required for employees over the coming months.