Warp-it Update

Date Published: 30 June 2020

​We have been using Warp-it to find new homes for unwanted council items for three years. We have saved about £20K on avoided procurement this year.

You may think that no-one has been using Warp-it recently, but one of the biggest users lately has been the NHS. They have been using it to source items such as beds, static couches (a type of examination bed), lockers, pedestals (3 drawer sets that usually go under desks), paper towels and even Patio Heaters (for keeping staff warm on the Covid 19 drive-thru testing sites).

At this time, please be mindful of the risks of Coronavirus (Covid 19), so please follow government advice, and remember to clean any items you receive before using them and try to keep 2m apart when exchanging items. Please also refer to our updates

Also remember to check with your Office Manager/Facilities Team before adding spare items to Warp-it, particularly large office items e.g. desks and chairs. They may already have plans for that item or know a location that could use it.

There is now a ‘Personal Use’ tab on Warp-it. This is for items that you can claim for your own personal use i.e. to use at home (not associated with work). These are items that are of no financial value, or we have no use for, such as inkjet cartridges that no longer fit any of our printers. If you have items that you think should be put into this category – email us wastedevelopment@aberdeenshire.gov.uk and we can mark it for that category too. If you want to claim any of these items for your personal use, just claim them from the Personal Use tab.

Similarly, if you have items that you would like permanently marked as available for external companies to claim right now (i.e. not just at the usual timescales), tell us at wastedevelopment@aberdeenshire.gov.uk.

If you know of any charities or not-for-profit organisations that would benefit from joining Warp-it, let them know they can join Warp-it, for free, on the website at www.warp-it.org.uk or by calling them directly on 0800 045 8755.

The guidance on 'How To Use Warp-it' in Aberdeenshire Council has been updated. 

If you have an item to give away but aren’t in the office for a few weeks to be able to physically give it away, or you are still using it up until a particular date, you can still advertise the item on Warp-it,  just by altering the date of ‘Available from’ to the relevant date when you can give it away.

Finally, if you are having a clear out and come across surplus, useful items –remember to Warp-it.