13 October 2020

Temporary stablisation measures at Gardenstown

Temporary stabilisation measures are to be introduced at a roadside wall, which is cracked and showing signs of recent movement at Gardenstown, starting tomorrow (Wed, Oct 13). 

After initial signs of new cracks in the retaining wall on Main Street were discovered yesterday, Aberdeenshire Council immediately closed the route as a safety precaution.

Following further detailed inspections this morning the road remains closed, albeit limited access is available if absolutely necessary as long as there is no visible movement in the wall. 

These measures will continue until around 5pm tonight when the road will once again be under a full closure on safety grounds. 

Philip McKay, Heads of Roads, Landscape Services and Waste Management at Aberdeenshire Council, explained: “Our traffic management will continue into the early part of this evening as we fully appreciate that this is the only way in and out of Gardenstown and we are trying to ensure vehicles are not left stranded at the lower end of the village, particularly at holiday lets. However, this has to be carefully balanced against ensuring public safety.

“Meantime we are also preparing for the installation of temporary stabilisation blocks tomorrow which, once complete, should allow us to open the road under temporary traffic lights.

“We have also been in discussion with the owner of the wall and will continue to provide them with appropriate advice and guidance as they consider options for a permanent solution.”