Local Information

Moving Around the Map

  • You can move the map by clicking and holding your left mouse button and scrolling on the screen. Alternatively you can use the pan buttons at the top left of the map window.
  • You can zoom in and out using your mousewheel or by using the scale bar on the left-hand side of the map window. The scale bar can be dragged up and down by clicking and holding your left mouse button while hovering over the scale marker or by clicking on the plus or minus icon.
  • To jump straight to a town select it from the drop-down list at the top right of the map window.
  • Use the address search to zoom in to a particular point. Type in some or all of an address into the Address Search box and click on the Go button. You can search on a postcode (e.g. AB51 3WA) or part of an address (e.g. High Street, Inverurie). The address search results will pop up on top of the map and you can then select the address you are interested in. If you can't find the right address you may need to change your search terms and try again.

Changing the Map View

  • You can switch between three backgrounds - map only, aerial photo only or a combination of both. Select your preferred background at the top of the Map View panel to the right of the map.
  • To display further information on the map you can select from a number of themes. For example you can view the location of schools and their catchment areas be selecting the Education option. Any number of themes can be selected from the list in the Map View panel.
  • Clear any selected overlays be clicking on the Reset button at the bottom right of the map window.

Local Information

  • Once you have picked an address or jumped straight to a town the appropriate local information can be accessed using the tabs on the left of the window underneath the map, where you are reading this help.
  • If no address is selected in the Local Information window then you will need to search for one or pick a town from the drop-down list.
  • Click on the tabs to display the themed information. For example click on Recycling to find out what day the bins are collected and where the nearest recycling facilities are.
  • Various links are included in the different tabs which let you select locations to view on the map, display more information on the map or access further information elsewhere on the site.

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Grid reference: NJ 61922 10927