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Please complete this form to register your Child for Music Tuition:

  • to accept an offer of tuition at the School or
  • to be placed on the waiting list

Registration is required before tuition starts. If you have already registered within the last 2 years there is no need to register again.

Waiting list
Please register your child's interest in music tuition and specify a first choice discipline. You may be offered tuition in another discipline depending on availability. All applications are subject to the Instrumental Music Service's Terms and Conditions.

View the Instrumentaltal Music Service privacy notice (pdf 476Kb).

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For Aberdeenshire Council to continue to provide Music Tuition to Aberdeenshire Pupils at the lowest possible cost, it is vital that a current, valid, regularly used email address is provided, to allow future integrated efficient electronic systems to be implemented. To minimise costs, Aberdeenshire Council will endeavour to provide all administrative aspects of this service on-line.

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Is your child registered for Free School Meals?

Pupils who are registered for free school meals are exempt from charges. A guide on how to obtain free School Meals is available on the Aberdeenshire Website.

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Does this child have at least one brother or sister already paying for Music Tuition?

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