Preparations for potential flooding in Ballater and Aboyne

Issued at16:00 on Saturday 5th December

The emergency services and Aberdeenshire Council have been dealing with some flooding in Deeside today. Three houses were evacuated in Ballater and a rest centre was opened.
We are also closely monitoring the situation in Aboyne where there is a risk of flooding. A rest centre was put on standby but so far has not been needed.
More rain and strong gales are expected again tonight and in to tomorrow morning with the possibility of more flooding in Ballater and Aboyne in the early hours. Some properties may have to be evacuated. Please see advice on Aberdeenshire Council website on how to prepare for such a scenario.
Emergency services and Aberdeenshire Council have been preparing for this and Rest Centres will open again if there is a need to evacuate people from their homes.  The rest centres will be:
Victoria and Albert Halls in Ballater
Aboyne Academy
Sandbags are available at various points in both Ballater and Aboyne as well as the roads depots in both towns
We would like to thank all those involved in keeping people safe across Aberdeenshire today in what is very difficult conditions. We would urge people to be sensible and if going out tonight to keep an eye on the weather and plan your journey home.