Consultation opens on enhanced provision in Kincardine and Mearns

A public consultation has opened on the creation of an enhanced provision centre at Mill O’Forest School and the possible relocation of the enhanced provision centre at Newtonhill School to Portlethen Primary School.

Enhanced provision means local schools have enhanced levels of resources for pupils with additional support needs, such as sensory rooms and life skills areas, as well as support for learning staff who have an enhanced level of expertise.

As part of the public consultation, three public meeting are taking place for any interested members of the local communities:

- 6.30pm Tuesday, June 14 at Portlethen Primary School

- 6.30pm Thursday, June 16 at Newtonhill School

- 6.30pm Wednesday, June 22 at Mill O’Forest School

Members of the public can also give their feedback online as part of a survey on the proposals. Please visit Aberdeenshire Council’s consultation database for more information

The closing date for responses to the consultation is Friday, September 16.

The proposals form part of a wider model for enhanced provision currently being put in place by the council and based on nine areas within Aberdeenshire.

The new model aims to increase capacity at both the school and cluster level and will make sure there is more consistency and more equal access to quality provision across Aberdeenshire.

Each school cluster will have a primary and secondary enhanced provision centre and each area will have a community resource hub.

At the moment, the only cluster without primary enhanced provision is Stonehaven and this proposal would develop a new centre at Mill O’Forest School in the town.

The proposal to relocate the enhanced provision centre at Newtonhill to Portlethen Primary, where the need is greatest, should not lead to any significant change to the existing school roll at either school.