New cycle and footpath at Uryside to link housing development with Inverurie town centre

Work to build a new path in Inverurie which will open up an area of the town for the creation of a riverside park and link a housing development with the town centre will start in the coming weeks.
A tender has been awarded to local construction company MTM to build the path, which will connect the existing bridge at Uryside, known locally as “the bridge to nowhere”, to the town centre via existing shared cycle/footways.

This path is the first in a network proposed to span a 60-hectare riverside park and will be constructed at a cost of around £230,000.

As the area is a floodplain, the design of the new public park will work with the forces of nature and it is accepted that there will be times when the area will flood. The path will be constructed to withstand flood water and will have solar-powered way markers along its 650-metre length.

Garioch Area Committee chairman, Fergus Hood, said: “We are delighted that this project is now moving forward – working in a floodplain has presented us with a number of challenges but we expect work to start in the next few weeks. 

“The path will be three metres wide and will allow people to walk or cycle from Osprey Village across the bridge into Inverurie. This will provide an alternative to walking or cycling along the busy Souterford Road.”

Managing Director of MTM, Doug Milne, said: “We are very pleased to have been awarded the tender, particularly as we are a local company. We have a lot of experience working in similar environments and are keen to make a start to the path construction.”

Local resident, George Petrie, said: “This is brilliant news, the bridge has been fenced off for as long as I have lived in Osprey Village and I know residents will welcome the opportunity to use the bridge as an alternative route in to town.”

Note: The new path links the bridge which crosses the River Urie close to the Osprey Village housing development with the town of Inverurie, crossing the area which will in time become a wetland park and ending near the retail park and railway station, linking in with existing paths.