BrewDog allegations about Aberdeenshire Council

In response to BrewDog allegations made online about Aberdeenshire Council costing the local community jobs, please see our response below.

Chief Executive of Aberdeenshire Council, Jim Savege, said: "We are a proactive council with a commitment to working with local businesses. We also have a responsibility to ensure best value for public money.
"There are on-going protracted negotiations with BrewDog and this announcement appears to be intended to weaken the council's position. We're disappointed that the company has sought to break confidentiality during what we regarded as live and on-going discussions to achieve an agreement which is fair to both parties and which protects the interests of the local taxpayer, as well as creating opportunities for residents.
"At the heart of this issue is that the land BrewDog wants has been already earmarked for the expansion of the local cemetery. We cannot sell land vastly below market value - the figure BrewDog has been asked to meet is what the land is worth right now. Their suggested land value is more representative of agricultural value than a site which has permission for an alternative use.

"Assisting local businesses to expand is a key objective of Aberdeenshire CounciI. If BrewDog remains committed to taking forward this development, then we remain committed - as always - to do everything that reasonably can be done to help the company achieve its ambition."