21 August 2019

A93 Invercauld Bridge to become one-way

An important bridge carrying Aberdeenshire traffic in and out of a Royal Deeside village will be reduced to one-way traffic from Monday, September 9 for an unspecified period, to protect the historic structure from continued damage.

Engineers have been monitoring the Invercauld Bridge, on the A93 to the east of Braemar, for some time, following detection of structural defects which have the potential to weaken the bridge.

Unfortunately, the bridge, like many of its historic counterparts across the area, was never intended for modern traffic and the restrictions are needed to protect it and avoid the need for closure.

Vehicles will use the centre portion of the bridge, with a one-way system controlled by traffic lights. This is expected to prolong the service life of the bridge while technical investigations continue, and appropriate remedial works can be determined.

In advance of the works and in furtherance of the detailed structural assessment of the bridge, advanced single lane working under traffic light control will need to be brought into operation to permit survey work to be carried out safely. This work is scheduled for three days, starting Tuesday September 3 and finishing Thursday September 5. Traffic lights will be removed, and two-lane working will be in operation to facilitate traffic movements for the Braemar Gathering which is on Saturday September 7.

Donald Macpherson, Aberdeenshire Council’s Bridges and Structures Manager said: “Invercauld Bridge is a 160-year-old B -listed structure with three shallow long span masonry arches of a form which makes it more susceptible to damage by heavier vehicles.

“Whilst it is important to ensure that this important bridge is maintained, the council recognises the value the Braemar Gathering is to the local community in Royal Deeside as well as the many tourists and visitors who flock to this historic event. When considering this work, we put a lot of thought into how those attending the event could do so safely and easily on Saturday, September 7, which is why both lanes will be open.

“I would like to apologise for any inconvenience, but I hope everyone appreciates the importance of protecting this vital bridge.”