26 August 2019

Contactless parking options increased as new fees structure takes effect

Contactless parking options are being extended at Pay and Display car parks in Inverurie, Peterhead and Stonehaven in preparation for the introduction of a new fees structure.

The technology is being installed in an additional 11 machines in the towns. Cash payments will continue to be accepted, along with contactless and chip card payments, as well as ticketing via the RingGo mobile app.

As part of the changes, the convenience fee for using RingGo will now be made by the council, bringing the payment option in line with paying with cash or card.

All of Aberdeenshire’s 41 Pay and Display machines will be upgraded to allow contactless payments by the end of April next year.

Changes to Pay and Display car parks to try to ensure they pay for themselves have were finalised in June following statutory and public consultation, and will take effect from Sunday, September 1.

The vast majority of parking in the area’s towns continues to be free – only the Pay and Display car parks, currently being operated at a deficit, will be subject to the changes.

It currently costs £48,000 a month to run car parks in Aberdeenshire, with income sitting around £33,000 a month.

From September 1 parking in pay and display car parks (Mon – Sat, 8am to 5pm) will cost 50 pence for up to an hour, £1 for 1-2 hours and £3 for 2-5 hours. The cost will be £5 for anything more than five hours. Any surplus generated will be reinvested firstly in the parking service, followed by other transport related projects.

The new structure will be reviewed by Aberdeenshire Council’s Infrastructure Services Committee after a year of operation to see what effect it has had.

Infrastructure Services Committee chair Cllr Peter Argyle said: “With more and more of us using digital means to pay for everyday transactions, we hope the contactless payment options at our Pay and Display car parks will be a welcome convenience for many.

“It is part of the investment we have promised to make in our car parks as the new fees structure takes effect, ensuring we are providing a modern and convenient service while managing the cost of providing it.”

Committee vice-chair Cllr John Cox said: “The new approach allows us to keep Pay and Display car parks convenient parking in our town centres recognising more cashless services are standard.”

The sites offering contactless payment options are and will be as follows:

Available now


Burn Lane

Near disabled parking area at front of M&S


Prince Street

At north-east boundary wall


Broad Street

In the middle of the car park

Available from Sep 1, 2019


Burn Lane

The remaining two machines


High Street

The only machine


Market Place

Opposite Boots


Station Road

The only machine


The Square

The only machine


Maiden Street

Both machines


Threadneedle Street

At Threadneedle St boundary


Market Square

Both machines

Information on car parks and payment options can be found at https://www.aberdeenshire.gov.uk/roads-and-travel/car-parking/parking-charges-changes/