27 August 2019

New stickers on recycling bins to make the process clearer

New stickers will be put on the blue-lidded recycling bins in an effort to help Aberdeenshire residents recycle more.

Recycling crews will be putting the new stickers on the lids of recycling bins during the month of September and will aim to cover all recycling bins by the end of that month.

Stickering bins is weather-dependent, so if residents do not have a new sticker on their blue-lidded recycling bin by the end of September, they can also collect one from their local recycling centre.

The stickers are aimed at reminding householders about the range of materials that can be put into the blue-lidded recycling bins, including:

More than 70% of the waste produced in Aberdeenshire could be recycled using existing services but now the figure stands at only around 43%.

Over half the materials in local non-recyclable waste bins is recyclable through existing services – equating to around 30,000 tonnes of recyclable materials being binned at a cost of £3.5million a year. 

Sending waste to landfill costs much more than recycling, so not only does recycling benefit the environment, it also frees up money for improving other council services.

Chair of Aberdeenshire Council’s Infrastructure Services Committee, Cllr Peter Argyle, said: “The new recycling bin stickers are part of the Council's continued efforts to increase recycling rates in Aberdeenshire. We are hopeful that the new stickers will offer clarification on the recycling process and guide householders towards improved recycling habits."

Aberdeenshire Council’s Waste Manager, Ros Baxter said: “We are aware that recycling of plastics still causes confusion amongst some residents.

“The Council has a contract in place with a recycling contractor who can take plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays, so if it is plastic and in the shape of a bottle, pot, tub or a tray, it can go in the blue-lidded recycling bin.

“This means that most of the plastic packaging used for household products residents buy from supermarkets can be put into the blue-lidded recycling bin, such as shampoo, milk and juice bottles, yoghurt pots, margarine tubs, plus meat and fruit trays.

“The Council’s contractor also accepts black plastic so black meat and fruit trays, plastic plant pots etc. can be put into the blue-lidded recycling bin.

“The sort of plastic items that we still find in the recycling bins but which should not go in are crisp packets, biscuit and sweet wrappers, plastic film and plastic bags. These are currently not recyclable through the blue-lidded recycling bins as these materials can get tangled and cause blockages in the sorting machines. 

“Items should be placed loose, and not bagged, in the blue-lidded recycling bins. Some supermarkets collect plastic bags and there is also a national recycling scheme for crisp packets.  

“Recycling doesn’t need to be a chore – simply give containers a rinse to remove any food or drink residue, squash the container and pop the lid back on. There is no need to remove labels.

“We are keen to help residents recycle more, so if residents would like to get advice from one of our community waste officers, they can request a home visit by calling our Wasteline on 03456 081207.”

For more information on the materials which can be recycled in Aberdeenshire, please see our A-Z guide: http://bit.ly/AshireAZ  

Residents are also encouraged to get in touch with the Recycling and Waste Aberdeenshire Facebook page if they are unsure of how to dispose of any material not listed in the A-Z guide.