29 August 2019

Big thank you to Active Schools volunteers!

Did you know we have around 900 volunteers supporting Active Schools activities across Aberdeenshire? Almost 95% of the workforce that supports this vast and important programme is made up of volunteers. A big thank you to everyone involved!

Recent evaluation has shown there has been an increase in the quality of training being offered to pupils through a structured continuous professional development programme for both staff and volunteers. Strong links continue with sportscotland and 28% of the school-age population in Aberdeenshire is now taking part in one or more activities offered through the programme. They have also had a successful focus on engaging with young women, with girls making up 47% of those who are taking part at secondary level. 
A transition programme supporting pupils moving from P7-S1 gives them the opportunity to participate in sporting activities and at the same time get used to other pupils and the academy they're moving to. Evidence has indicated this has reduced anxiety and stress associated with moving from primary to secondary and supported pupils to build social relationships with peers who have a shared interest.
A video clip highlighting some of the success is available to view at: https://youtu.be/doW49oZn130