16 September 2019

Council to celebrate Scottish Housing Day with drop-in events at sheltered homes

On September 18, organisations across Scotland will be hosting events in honour of Scottish Housing Day. To mark the occasion, Aberdeenshire Council is inviting the public to attend one of their drop-in events at local sheltered housing schemes across Aberdeenshire.

The drop-in events will showcase sheltered homes in Aberdeenshire and provide information on the services and facilities offered at each scheme. The events are free and light refreshments will be available.

Scottish Housing Day is an annual event that promotes the importance of quality housing in Scotland. The event seeks to inform the public on housing opportunities across the country, including different housing types and how members of the public can access these options.

The Scottish Housing Day website also offers support for individuals struggling to access quality accommodation. This year, in lieu of this challenge, Scottish Housing Day is promoting the theme of ‘housing as a human right.’ 

Quality housing should be available to all residents of Scotland. A home should meet the needs of individuals and their families, and provide a safe living space, both now and in the future. 

In support of this principle, Aberdeenshire Council’s housing service is hosting drop-in events to engage with local community members. The events will initiate a point of contact and offer guidance and support for individuals interested in taking up accommodation at a sheltered home.

The locations and hours of the Council’s drop-in events are:

Kincardine and Mearns and Marr:

Garioch and Formartine:

Banff and Buchan:


Communities Committee chair Cllr Anne Stirling said: “Considering a move into sheltered housing is a big decision for anybody and it is not always easy to know where to start, these drop-in events aim to provide a foundation of support within local communities and foster an awareness and understanding of sheltered housing in Aberdeenshire.”

“We hope these drop-in events will help inform the public on local sheltered homes and encourage them to explore their housing options.”

Committee vice-chair Cllr Iris Walker added: “The drop-in events are a great resource for those interested in joining a sheltered housing scheme. The events will seek to promote sheltered housing in Aberdeenshire, thereby increasing accessibility to quality housing.”

Aberdeenshire Council’s housing team is available to provide additional support and advice to those interested in discussing their housing options. Please reach out with any further queries or concerns to 01467 536492

For a complete list of sheltered homes in Aberdeenshire, please visit: https://www.aberdeenshire.gov.uk/housing/housing-options/renting/sheltered-housing/

For more information on Scottish Housing Day: http://www.scottishhousingday.co.uk/