19 September 2019

Call for businesses to support Scientific Technologies apprenticeship

Could your business benefit from an extra team member, one or two, half a day per week? Fresh insight guaranteed.

Aberdeenshire Council is currently looking for companies who specialise in Scientific Technologies to benefit from the help of enthusiastic, up-and-coming apprentices in their final years at secondary school. There is no cost to organisations for hosting students and you'd benefit from the support of the same friendly individual(s), during term time from October to March.

Aberdeenshire has partnered with Skills Development Scotland to offer hundreds of additional foundation apprenticeships this year. A link to our story: http://bit.ly/2EFG53T

The apprentices we'd like to match into companies specialising in Scientific Technologies are all studying the qualification at the same level as Higher. During their theory work in school, they will cover Laboratory Safety, Mathematics for Science, Fundamental Chemistry and Experimental Procedures.

Suggestions on appropriate tasks and the kind of experience candidates would benefit from would be provided to you, and an SVQ assessor would assess each student's work.

If you'd like to see young talent emerging in your industry and reap the benefits, please email Shona Watts via shona.watts@aberdeenshire.gov.uk to find out more.