15 October 2019

Council urges residents to reduce food waste this Halloween

This Halloween, Aberdeenshire Council is encouraging residents to help divert their pumpkins and turnips from landfill by cooking them at home and putting any leftovers in their food waste caddies.

Pumpkins can be incorporated into many different recipes, such as soup, curry, risotto, pie and even cheesecake.

If those don’t appeal, or if the pumpkins are too old to be eaten, they can still be recycled as food waste. Pumpkins can be chopped up and put into the food waste caddy or placed on top of any bin on collection day. Food waste is collected every week in Aberdeenshire. 

According to environmental charity Hubbub, approximately 18,000 tonnes of pumpkins are sent to landfill every Halloween in the UK.

But pumpkins aren’t the only food item being put in the wrong bin. Around one fifth of the materials put in the non-recyclable waste bins in Aberdeenshire are food waste, and half of this food is still in its packaging.

In addition to pumpkins, other materials that can go in your food waste caddy for recycling include peelings, leftovers, expired food, bones, tea bags, coffee grounds, kitchen roll and eggshells.

Food waste recycling is not only cheaper than landfilling, but it also benefits the environment.
All food waste collected in Aberdeenshire is sent to Keenan Recycling, where it is converted into compost and used on farmers’ fields across Aberdeenshire.

Aberdeenshire Council’s Waste Manager, Ros Baxter, said: “We are continuing our efforts to reduce the amount of food waste being sent to landfill, which will ultimately benefit the environment and save taxpayers’ money. 

“Pumpkins are an avoidable food waste item that can be transformed into a delicious soup, curry, or dessert. We encourage householders to have fun with their pumpkins and try a new recipe this season.

“We will be sharing delicious pumpkin recipes and other Halloween-related information on our social media platforms, so please keep an eye out for upcoming tips and recipes this month."

For more information on what you can put in your food caddy, please visit: http://bit.ly/RecycleAtHome

If you have any questions about pumpkins or food waste recycling, please contact us on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AberdeenshireWaste/