29 October 2019

Nursery praised by inspectors for nurturing and supportive environment

Inspectors have praised Ellon Primary School Nursery, whose confident children are described as ‘nurtured’ and ‘supported by staff’.

The nursery was rated “very good” for quality of care and support and quality of staffing during an inspection by the Care Inspectorate in September.

The report said: “Confident children were nurtured by staff who supported them to make choices and form positive relationships with their peers. Staff promoted self-awareness and responsibility for children, and this has resulted in a caring and inclusive space for children where they could safely express themselves. Most children were inquisitive, confident and keen to engage in learning experiences.” 

Cllr Gillian Owen, Aberdeenshire Council’s Education and Children’s Services Committee chair, said: “Many congratulations to the children and staff at Ellon Primary School Nursery. Acting head teacher Yvonne O’Neil along with lead practitioners Elizabeth Addy and Emma Riddell have done really well in achieving these results. This is a thoroughly deserved inspection because this nursery has performed consistently well over the years in previous reviews. It is great to hear that the staff are providing so much support to the children and parents are being involved in discussions about their children’s support needs. Well done to everyone involved.”

Committee vice-chair, Cllr Rosemary Bruce, said: “It is great to see that the inspectors acknowledged staff working together to provide a supportive and inclusive environment. It is also encouraging to see that staff training and children’s wellbeing are taken seriously. I too would like to pass on my congratulation to everybody who has worked so hard to achieve this great inspection report. Whilst inspectors noticed a couple of areas that may need attention, there is plenty for staff to be rightly proud of in this inspection.”

This inspection is the latest in a series of positive reports. In June 2016 the nursery was rated as “very good” for quality of care and support; quality of environment; quality of staffing and quality of management and leadership. In May 2013 the nursery was ranked “very good” for quality of care and support; quality of staffing and quality of management and leadership and “good” for quality of environment.