20 November 2019

Meldrum School Nursery praised by inspectors for positive links with families

Inspectors have praised Meldrum School Nursery for developing positive links with families which have led to everyone feeling welcome and included.

The inspection also commended the nursery for the introduction of a nurture room which has allowed parents to discuss any worries and form friendships. Parents have appreciated initiatives such as food contributions for the local community which inspectors said led to improved outcomes for children.

The Care Inspectorate rated Meldrum School Nursery as “very good” for quality of care and support and quality of management and leadership during an inspection in September.

The report said: “Children were able to develop their confidence, self-esteem and creativity through a balance of organised and freely chosen extended play. Experienced staff had a very good understanding of the curriculum and had developed learning areas relevant to their strengths and skills. As a result, children were able to participate in interesting and enjoyable music sessions and were encouraged to share their ideas through small circle time groups.”

Laurence Findlay, Aberdeenshire Council’s Director of Education and Children’s Services, said: “I am very pleased to see that the parents who took part in a questionnaire commented very positively about the care and support their children were given. They also said that staff were welcoming and friendly and their children enjoyed going to nursery. This is fantastic feedback and I am sure that head teacher Ian Mitchell and his team are rightly proud of the outcome of this great inspection.

“Whilst I accept that some parents have felt that changes to times have been disruptive although this appears to be easing as time goes on. We also note the comments in the inspection about play areas. However, there is much for the staff to be encouraged by and a lot of innovative techniques that have been praised in the inspection. Well done everyone.”

Aberdeenshire Council’s Head of Resources and Performance Craig Clement said: “It is really encouraging to see that the recommendation about informal monitoring which was made in November 2015 has now been addressed. Meldrum Nursery has consistently received positive inspections, so I am very pleased to see this trend continue. It is pleasing to see that inspectors have acknowledged that parents and staff have been working together well, there are robust safeguarding procedures in place and that children receive regular healthy and nutritious meals. Congratulations to everyone who has made this positive outcome possible.”

During an inspection in September 2015, Meldrum Nursery received a “very good” grading for quality of care and support, quality of environment and quality of staffing, whilst quality of management and leadership was considered “good.” The nursery was ranked “very good” in all categories following an inspection in June 2009.