27 November 2019

Inspectors observe happy, settled children having fun at St Cyrus

Inspectors have commended staff at St Cyrus School Nursery for the warmth and care they have shown children under their supervision.

The Care Inspectorate rated the nursery as “very good” for quality of care and support and for quality of staffing following an inspection in September.

The report said: “Staff had several years of experience and were passionate about their roles. Staff worked well together as a team and discussed each other’s strengths. Staff practice benefitted from regular team meetings where they explored best practice documents.”

Craig Clement, Aberdeenshire Council’s Head of Resources and Performance, said: “The comments made by parents, carers and guardians in a questionnaire are really pleasing to read. Head Teacher Isla Mann and her team should be rightly proud of this inspection report.

“Whilst there are a few areas which need a little tightening up there is plenty of praise for the nursery and its staff. It is pleasing to read that inspectors observed children using their imagination during playtime and that they were encouraged to play outside as well as inside, so they could climb trees and build dens. Well done everyone on a great inspection.”