27 November 2019

Aberdeenshire Council continues to progress flood-hit bridge repairs

Aberdeenshire Council is continuing to progress its schedule of emergency repair works on damaged rural bridges following intense flooding in September.

As a result of the flash-flooding, a number of bridges were damaged or in some cases completely washed away, with the King Edward area being particularly badly affected.

The Auchmill Bridge on the U12S which was damaged during a road traffic collision just prior to the flooding event has now been repaired and re-opened. Likewise, the South Mains Bridge on the B9105 has been replaced and re-opened.

Donald Macpherson, structures manager with Aberdeenshire Council, said: “Repairs are currently ongoing at the Bridge of Bo on the U85L which was severely damaged but repairable.

“Some works to remove debris from the collapsed parts of the remaining damaged bridges will be undertaken once resources are available, however at present no decision has been taken regarding the replacement of the remaining structures which were so severely damaged.”

Meanwhile, steps adjacent to the Banff Bridge have been installed as a permanent feature to improve safety for future routine inspections of the bridge and any maintenance when required.

Public use of the steps will not be prohibited but will be at the user’s own risk.