02 December 2019

Aberdeenshire Council adopts new three-year natural heritage strategy

A new three-year strategy focusing on Aberdeenshire Council’s efficient and effective management of the natural heritage has been approved.

The structured approach to service delivery covers a wide range of aspects including natural heritage work in relation to development management, tree protection, site management, biodiversity and partnership working.

It also outlines the key aims and objectives of the council’s environment team with a focus on protection, enhancement, promotion and continuous improvement.

Additionally, it sets out how the strategy links with wider council and Scottish Government priorities to ensure efficiency and best value are delivered from available resources.

The council’s Infrastructure Services Committee heard on Thursday (Nov 28) that throughout the lifetime of the strategy the council will be required to consider the challenges of the ever-changing environment and the changing needs of current and future user groups.

To reflect these changes and challenges, councillors were advised that an annual action plan will be prepared which will provide detailed actions on the delivery of the strategy and reflect new and emerging priorities.

Following discussion, councillors asked that the Forestry and Woodland Strategy Action Plan be strengthened to acknowledge the impact from disease on trees and forestry and to address the wider preservation of the landscape.

Director of Infrastructure Services, Stephen Archer, says: “It is Aberdeenshire Council’s vision to be the best area and the best council in Scotland.

“It is the vision of our environment team that the natural heritage of Aberdeenshire is protected and enhanced, and that the need to protect and enhance it for current and future generations, is widely understood. The benefits of Aberdeenshire’s unique natural environment should be available to all those who live, work and visit Aberdeenshire.”