05 December 2019

New Blackdog weekday bus services to be trialed

Aberdeenshire Council is to pilot a new bus service linking Blackdog with Aberdeen city centre.

The trial will offer a shoppers’ service and peak-hour connecting service from January 6 until at least the end of March, during which time it will be reviewed in consultation with residents.

Blackdog residents have been calling for a bus stop to be reinstated within the settlement since the completion of the AWPR resulted in the northbound and southbound bus stops being located on the slip roads to/from the AWPR junction.

Discussions have been held with bus operators which have confirmed that any sort of bus service via the village is not commercially viable.

However, Aberdeenshire Council believes a limited service could be tailored to meet as many identified needs as possible, subject to there being funding available in 2020-2021.

Leaflets will be distributed throughout the village detailing the two return journeys which provide a link to and from Aberdeen City Centre for shopping and/or personal business and the three peak journeys which allow interchange with commercial bus services to/from Aberdeen and destinations on the Buchan corridor.

The journeys were timed to potentially allow an operator to also undertake home to school transport with the same vehicle.

Throughout the trial period of operation, the council would welcome comments on the service and would ask that you email public.transport@aberdeenshire.gov.uk