16 December 2019

Emergency closure of the Milltown of Towie Bridge

Aberdeenshire Council has closed the Milltown of Towie Bridge to all vehicles following confirmation that ongoing degradation has further reduced structural capacity.

The emergency measures follow a condition and structural appraisal of the bridge which carries the C67M road over the River Don near Towie and Glenkindie.

An early reinforced concrete structure constructed in 1924, the bridge has been weight-restricted since 2004.

In 2015 a new bridge was constructed at Glenkindie - also on the designated C67M road - which is one and a half miles upstream of the Milltown of Towie Bridge.

Aberdeenshire Council structures manager Donald Macpherson explained: “The Glenkindie bridge will be the alternative crossing for the present.

“The Milltown of Towie Bridge is considered to be beyond economic repair and we will assess future provision for bridge crossings in due course.”

In the meantime, the council is preparing an 18-month road closure order for the affected bridge.