Grampian-wide measures to keep safe in towns and cities.

Measures are being put in place in towns and cities across Grampian, and further across Scotland, to ensure public safety and allow for physical distancing to be put in place.

Read more below on why these measures are so important:  

• Ensuring that people can maintain physical distancing in our town and cities is a key part of response to the public health emergency. All local authorities have been developing and implementing measures to enable this.
• Temporary measures are being put in place in Aberdeenshire, Aberdeen City and Moray Council areas, as well as all other Council areas across Scotland, all to help get people back into our towns and cities safely, which is also important to allow businesses to start trading again.
• NHS Public Health have backed the schemes as necessary to protect people from possible infection.

NHS Grampian’s Deputy Director of Public Health, Chris Littlejohn said: “The fact is this is not over, far from it. One of the big lessons we have taken from all of this is the surprising number of people who test positive for the infection even though they do not have symptoms. When we saw the councils looking to take advantage of the funding we were hugely supportive of it because we could see that helping people to have space and the further apart we can stay from one another, the less time we spend close to one another, the lower the risk of transmission.”

Peter Argyle, Depute Leader of Aberdeenshire Council and chair of its Infrastructure Services Committee, says: “The introduction of the temporary measures in town and cities is being done with the fundamental aim of keeping our residents safe when they begin returning to our town centres. The physical distancing measures which all local authorities have had to introduce have been carefully planned – and adapted where necessary – to ensure physical distancing can be maintained and enable people to move more freely and safely as we emerge from lockdown.”

Aberdeen City Council transport spokesperson Councillor Sandra Macdonald said: “We’ve been carrying out these temporary works now so people going to the city centre shops, restaurants and bars and local residents were able to physically distance straight away as soon as lockdown started to ease. “Works will be starting soon creating spaces for pedestrians and encouraging people to cycle in other parts of the city. The measures we’ve put in including pedestrianisation of some streets are being carried out to help protect the health and wellbeing of residents and help the NHS as the country moves out of lockdown. Similar measures are being carried out in other cities and towns as part of a concerted effort across Scotland to reduce transmission of COVID-19".

A spokesman for Moray Council said:  “The council is planning to support businesses as best we can as the Coronavirus restrictions are relaxed, in terms of enabling space for social distancing and safe operation.”