Assistance with grass-cutting welcomed from local farmers and contractors

There have been significant changes to many aspects of our lives and work during the last few months as the COVID-19 pandemic has developed. 

As we move through the stages of recovery, we do appreciate that general open space - particularly sports pitches and other large grassed areas - are not currently in the condition which would normally be expected. 

The restrictions which have been in place as part of the lockdown have resulted in many areas of long grass, however we are now at a stage where we are starting to address this. 

Owing to the competing demands on council resources and the particular challenge of long grass cutting means that our labour, plant and equipment resources are stretched.

We have received a number of offers over the last few weeks from local farmers and agricultural contractors willing to assist their local communities with cutting grass in our open spaces. 

The skills, experience and specialised plant which farmers are able to provide are hugely important. These offers of help are greatly appreciated and now that this type of work is permitted, Aberdeenshire Council has developed guidance and terms of operation which should ensure that this work can be carried out in a safe and controlled manner.

If you are a farmer or agricultural contractor who has already offered assistance and we have your contact details, your local Landscapes Officers will be in touch to provide you with the relevant documentation.

If you have not yet provided your details, but would now like to offer assistance in this regard please, in the first instance, contact us via email at