05 August 2020

Local lockdown in Aberdeen

The Scottish Government have announced a local lockdown coming into place in Aberdeen City from 5pm on 5 Aug 2020.

All of the detail is on their website.Read more here: https://www.gov.scot/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-local-measures/

At this stage, the restrictions do not extend into Aberdeenshire. However we are aware that many people travel between areas frequently so we ask you read up on the measures in place and observe them to ensure we contain any further spread.

Cllr Jim Gifford is Leader of Aberdeenshire Council. He said: “Throughout COVID-19, it has been widely accepted that local outbreaks were a real risk. The decision to apply restrictions in Aberdeen City has been taken as a result of Public Health advice, and it is that Public Health advice which is of the highest priority.
We must all be aware of these local restrictions and ensure we are doing everything in our power to stop local outbreaks becoming more widespread. This has implications on almost everyone and our approach to tackling this must be done as a region. We encourage people in Aberdeenshire to make themselves aware of the restrictions and not travel into the city, unless necessary for work or education. Meanwhile we also encourage people in the City boundary to stick to the travel limits and prevent spread into part of Aberdeenshire.
It is incumbent on everyone to adopt all the measures in order to help keep each other safe.”