20 April 2021

Timeframe for Spaces for People measures to be scaled back under consideration

As restrictions to combat Coronavirus gradually ease, Aberdeenshire Council is considering a timeframe for when to remove its remaining Spaces for People measures in town centres.

However, even as lockdown requirements begin to relax, everyone is encouraged not drop their guard and to physically distance where required, wear a face covering and avoid crowded places where possible.

Council officers are now considering a timeframe on the withdrawal of the temporary Spaces for People measures in town centres as national rules are loosened. This process includes engagement with councillors, community and business organisations.

Alan Wood, Aberdeenshire Council’s Director of Infrastructure Services, said: “The temporary Spaces for People measures played an important role in keeping people safe during a time of international crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Spaces for People measures in Aberdeenshire are designed to facilitate physical distancing in our main town centres.  They are a temporary measure to be phased out as restrictions are eased.  We have had periodic engagement meetings with local councillors and community and business organisations through the process and one is scheduled for Inverurie on Friday, April 23. 

“Similar engagement meetings will be held for other towns where measures are still in place.  The output from these meetings will feed into fitting the timing of the rollback of the remaining measures with the route out of lockdown.

“The measures were always temporary, therefore in the current climate it is appropriate to begin discussions about the best way of keeping people safe whilst encouraging continued support to local businesses in our town centres.”