23 April 2021

Music continues to be instrumental to Aberdeenshire's success

Aberdeenshire’s Instrumental Music Service has excelled in two virtual concert band competitions.

Various groups and ensembles from schools across the Shire and the Aberdeenshire Music Service participated in this exciting event which premiered on YouTube on Sunday April 4.

The submissions from Aberdeenshire received the following awards:

Mackie Academy Concert Band – Gold plus (Conductor Sarah Gove)

Portlethen & Mearns Academy Concert Band – Gold Plus (Conductor Sarah Gove)

South Aberdeenshire Music Centre Junior Concert Band – Gold (Conductor Sarah Gove)

South Central Academy Music Centre Senior Concert Band – Platinum (Conductor Bruce Wallace)

Central Aberdeenshire Music Centre Junior Concert Band – Silver (Conductor Ben Light)

South Central Aberdeenshire Music Centre Orchestra – Silver Plus (Conductor Hamish Wood)

Laurence Findlay Aberdeenshire Council’s Director of Education and Children’s Services said: “Many congratulations to the schools and concert bands involved. It is really heartening to see the hard work undertaken by our young people and instructors has paid off. Aberdeenshire has such a strong track record of success in instrumental music competitions so it is great to see us continue to receive recognition. Well done everyone involved!”

Aberdeenshire Council’s Instrumental Music Service Manager Justin Brook added: “We are incredibly fortunate in Aberdeenshire to have such a dedicated team of instructors leading our talented young people in such innovative ways in order for them to continue playing music in ensembles, even though at present it is in a virtual way. Virtual performances take a great deal of skill and time to produce. Significant amounts of time have been invested in, by instructors, to learn how to use the required technology. The results speak for themselves. Congratulations to all staff and pupils who took part in the festivals.”

You can watch the concert bands performing thanks to the service’s dedicated YouTube channel. Here is a link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6x2oyWw2vrs