29 April 2021

Next step for new Peterhead Community Campus

The business case for the state-of-the-art Peterhead Community Campus has been agreed by councillors at Full Council today (Thursday, April 29).

A replacement for the current Peterhead Academy building with the Community Campus is a priority in the Council’s capital plan.

Now the business case is approved, officers can work up and agree funding arrangements, whilst planning for the construction of the new community complex, which is due to be complete in 2025. 

Residents, parents and carers have had their say in two statutory consultations. One on the proposed merger of Dales Park and Meethill schools and the other concerning the relocation of Anna Ritchie Special School on to the Community Campus site. The findings from both consultations will be considered by members of the Buchan Area Committee and the Education and Children’s Services Committee later this year.

Next up, members of the Buchan Area Committee will need to agree the project delivery and investment before construction of the Community Campus can commence.

Depending on the outcomes of the consultations, the Community Campus could comprise of a new academy offering 1,400 secondary school places, a new primary school with 600 places and the possible relocation of Anna Ritchie Special School with 70 ASN places. The campus may include a hydrotherapy and warm water swimming pool.  It is anticipated there will be sport, leisure and cultural facilities constructed including a new swimming pool near Peterhead town centre.