11 May 2021

Re-establishment of Tap O'Noth Community Council

Residents in the Tap O’Noth area covering Rhynie, Clatt, Gartly and Kennethmont are being encouraged to help re-establish the local community council.

By joining your community council, you can influence what happens in your area.

To effectively represent an area, a community council must be proactive in consulting and engaging with local residents.

As well as representing the community to the local authority, these organisations facilitate a wide range of activities which promote the well-being of an area.

They bring local people together to help make things happen, and many community councils protect and promote the identity of their community. They advise, petition, influence and advocate numerous causes and cases of concern on behalf of local communities.

In order to set up and maintain a community council, Aberdeenshire Council needs residents to give up some of their time and commit to representing the views of their community.

The council will assist with training members in understanding their role and how they can be most effective as a community councillor.

To find out more or to express your interest in supporting the re-establishment of the community council, please contact the Marr Area Office on 019755 20400 or email marr@aberdeenshire.gov.uk  

You can also visit the council’s website where additional information about the role can be found at https://www.aberdeenshire.gov.uk/communities-and-events/community-councils/