16 June 2021

Creative pupils remained motivated during lockdown

Pupils and schools across Aberdeenshire have given a glimpse into how they inspired themselves and others to keep motivated during the initial lockdown in response to the Coronavirus.

The creative activities ranged from designing snow sculptures, writing a poem in Doric, and singing sunny and uplifting songs.

During the first lockdown, Towie School devised a competition for pupils to design snow sculptures. Head Teacher Dan Frater explained: “The competition was great for the wellbeing of the children and it was fantastic to see family members join in.” As a way of recognising the children’s creativity, a big photographic display of the sculptures was on view for the whole school community to see.

Teachers and pupils at King Edward School near Banff chose to share their feelings by writing a poem with a difference – it was written in Doric. Audrey Clark, the school’s Head Teacher, said: “We wanted to create a poem that reflected our experiences of lockdown and the pandemic, whilst making it unique to our school and area.” The pupils were inspired to act after watching news reports about other children across the country share their experiences.

Pupils at Kincardine O’Neil School were similarly inspired. After being asked to reflect on their experiences during lockdown, the pupils created a memory display which contained illustrations and written reflections of how they felt. Many said they enjoyed spending time with family, so as a way of highlighting this they sung ‘You are my sunshine’ to reflect how they felt. The pupils learnt a Makaton version of the song so everyone could share in their performance.

The Evening Express and Press and Journal newspapers are joining forces with Aberdeenshire schools to work collaboratively on an exciting time capsule project. The initiative sees mementos and memories and experiences donated to a time capsule buried in Aberdeenshire, giving future generations an invaluable insight into life for children and young people during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Cllr Gillian Owen, Aberdeenshire Council’s Education and Children’s Services Committee chair, said: “It is truly heart-warming to see so many lovely ways children shared how they felt during a time of uncertainty, change and crisis. Many have used their creative skills to keep their spirits up. The time capsule will show future generations how they coped during the Coronavirus pandemic. I hope children and adults alike are inspired by their talent and creativity.”

Committee vice chair Cllr Rosemary Bruce added: “These and many other contributions to the time capsule demonstrate the ingenuity and warmth shown by teachers and staff to encourage pupils to express themselves in a time of international crisis. Despite having to adapt to a changing landscape, teachers and staff can rightly be proud of continuing to make a difference to the lives of children and young people.”

The Year 2020 by King Edward Primary School

We didna like 2020, there wisna school, that wis plenty.
Virtual school, wisna cool,
Bit there wis a ton o sun so that wis fun.
Mair than that, we missed Dalguise,
Bit Nicola Sturgeon wis affa wise,
Tryin ti get oor country to rise. 
There wis twa lockdoons, wisna allowed ti ging ti the toon,
We were affa sad, that wis bad. 
We’d ti bide in oor gairden, I beg your pardon!

We needid ti bide twa meters apairt,
That really, really hurt oor hearts. 
Nurses and doctors were aa flat oot, 
Runnin here and there,n all aboot!
On a Thursday nicht we clapped oor hands,
At echt o’clock, even used pots and pans.
Ti show oor thanks to them aa,
Each een a Superhero, so they are!
We aa drew rainbows ti say thank you,
Coz they are sic a fantastic crew!

Sir Captain Tom Moore, wit a legend,
A hunner laps, he did o his gairden.
Raisin money for oor NHS,
Millions of poonds, he wis the absolute best!

We were aa worried, that wis nae doot,
Winderin if we’d ever get oot!
N fan we did we’d ti wear a mask on oor moo,
N santise oor hands a million times, that’s true! 
Bit scientists wir affa clivver, tryin ti get rid of covid firiver! 
They developed a vaccine ti jab in oor arim,
It wid mak things better n dee us nae hairm.