22 June 2021

#letstalk - Help spread the word about two new online mental health services

During the last week of term and as we launch two new online mental health services for everyone aged 10 upwards, we would like to invite people across Aberdeenshire to recognise some of the good work of our schools and services during a challenging school year.

Share some of the things that have made a difference to your mental health on social media (including photos if everyone pictured has given consent!) using the #letstalk hashtag. Add links to the new services: www.kooth.com and www.togetherall.com if you would like to. Tag @Aberdeenshire on Twitter and Instagram, and @AberdeenshireCouncil on Facebook, and some of the best examples will be shared.

We would also welcome using #ilovemyschool #thankyou #thankaparent #thankavolunteer and #thankateacher where appropriate, recognising that Wednesday 23 of June is National Thank A Teacher Day, we have many amazing people supporting services, and wellbeing continues to be a key focus for all our schools and services.

Perhaps it’s something small that has kept you smiling, maybe a member of staff has gone above and beyond, or you found a new way of looking after your own mental health you would like to share.

A reminder about the free, new online services…

Kooth is open to those aged 10-18 while Togetherall is for everyone 16+ meaning that online mental health support is now available to children and young people as well as adults across Aberdeenshire every day of the week.

The provision of these commissioned services which complement a range of existing provision is part of joint working between Aberdeenshire Council, Aberdeenshire Health and Social Care Partnership, Police Scotland, NHS Grampian and third sector partners including Aberdeenshire Voluntary Action in a GIRFEC Mental Health Group.

Togetherall (16+ age group) will help to bridge between youth and adult services with appropriate mental wellbeing support. Trained and accredited professionals are available 24/7 to support the community members and there’s a choice of safe therapeutic services, including courses, self-assessments and wellbeing resources to improve your mental health. This means anyone who may be struggling can get support at a time that suits them, from a place of their choice. The Togetherall community is completely anonymous. This service can be accessed by inputting your postcode under the ‘My area is registered’ link at www.togetherall.com and creating a completely anonymous user account.


Kooth (10 to 18 year age group) also provide 1:1 sessions with counsellors and emotional wellbeing practitioners available via drop-in or booked appointment which helps to reduce waiting times for young people seeking help, removing stigma around mental health. This service can be accessed by young people directly by registering at www.kooth.com Support is also available to schools and staff supporting children and young people by emailing aberdeenshire@kooth.com

Marking the last week of the school term, Cllr Gillian Owen, Chair of Education and Children’s Services Committee, said: “After such an incredible school year, full of so many ups and downs I’m sure I’m not the only person who will be breathing a sigh of relief this week. Well done to our young people, our parents, volunteers, teachers, support workers and so many other amazing colleagues. Your efforts are valued and noticed and it’s a very simple thank you from me.

“As well as launching two brilliant new online mental health support services this week, we also have Thank A Teacher Day on Wednesday. My message to everyone is – share your thanks. Whether those who have made a difference to you are teachers, social workers, pupil support workers, catering assistants, office staff, volunteers or others, that positive message could be the thing that makes them smile.”

Vice Chair Cllr Rosemary Bruce added: “I’m pleased to share my support for the #letstalk campaign and agree it’s a great way to highlight some of the small things, the special people and the thank yous at the same time as reflecting on the importance of positive mental health and wellbeing. Well done to all as the school year draws to a close and thank you for your patience and perseverance.”