24 June 2021

Extra funding for vital Council services.

Councillors have today (24 June 2021) considered its final funding package which resulted in the Council receiving additional funding of £15.651m.

As a result cllrs made a number of funding commitments as follows:

- £1m to support Mental Health and Wellbeing to augment the work that is currently being undertaken by the Health and Social Care Partnership in the following areas:
• Increased and earlier intervention for mental health conditions and improving access to self-help supports and programmes as well physical activity to support recovery.
• Additional support for the promotion of mental wellbeing within Care Homes with a focus on dementia.
• Increased suicide prevention.

- £2m to support transformation projects within the Health and Social Care Partnership, aimed at reducing out of authority placements, reducing care admissions through re-enablement, and increasing independence. Greater use of digital platforms for the delivery of services.

- £2m to develop projects to support the Digital Strategy agreed in January 2021
• To improve online services for residents of Aberdeenshire
• Improvements to mobile working for employees
• Development of Robotic Programme Automation

- £200,000 for Public Conveniences
- £111,000 for area specific projects within the communities to support resilience during COVID recovery
- £450,000 to augment Scottish Welfare Support and Discretionary Housing Payments
- £2m Education PPP Maintenance Agreement – identified budgetary pressure in Financial Year 21/22, that cannot be mitigated within the existing budgets
- £5,627,000 Cross Service additional reserves for upcoming unexpected costs.
- £100,000 for the Medium Term Carbon Strategy.
- £240,000 for demand-responsive transport.
- They also agreed to fund some services who had savings identified – including instrumental music services, site opening hours in HRCs, some minor flooding works, and work on local bus services.

In addition, cllrs agreed an additional one-off commitment from the Recovery and Resilience Reserve of £240,000 for additional call handling capacity in the Council’s contact centre.