28 June 2021

Fraserburgh primary schools achieve STEM sustainability success

Two Fraserburgh primary schools swept the leader board in a STEM sustainability technology competition.

Lochpots Primary School finished first and third with Stem Bot, an environmentally friendly robot, and a sustainable submarine which collects plastic from the ocean floor in this year’s SuSTEMability competition. Fraserburgh North Primary School finished runners-up. The school’s Smarties team designed a playpark which generated energy through kinetic and pressure pads in order to power floodlights for a neighbouring football pitch.

The winning entry was Lochpot’s STEM Tech team’s Stem Bot. The bot patrols the school using kinetic energy and collects food waste. This waste is used to charge the class I-pads, the bot is also powered by solar panels. Another sustainability friendly feature is its ability to change used paper back into blank paper. The bot also boasts an Alexa, so if a teacher is busy the pupils can turn to Alexa for assistance.

The school’s eco guardians created a sustainable submarine. It filters water in the ocean to catch plastic for recycling and releases the clean water out again. The submarine is powered by water propellors.

Lochpots green team designed and built a ‘monster’ car which is powered by rubbish it collects from the streets, via a scoop at the back, and solar panels. There are special shoes for the driver to wear which helps to create kinetic energy to power the car too.

The school’s sustainability scientists developed a roof garden where vegetables are grown for the kitchen. The green space boasts solar panels, a wind turbine, kinetic flooring and the desks have pedals so you can exercise and power a laptop or I-pad simultaneously.

Lochpots School head teacher Alison Little said: “I am so proud of the ingenuity and creativity shown by our pupils in this competition. I am delighted our school’s teams came first and third. A big well done to everyone involved!”

Caroline Roche, principal teacher at Fraserburgh North Primary School, said: “Throughout the process, the teams worked online with STEM ambassadors from industry, learning more about the world of work and the skills required to undertake a career within engineering, sales and project management.  They found it really fascinating and were hugely enthusiastic when it came to working with the ambassadors to improve their projects and presentations.  They used Teams to have online sessions with the ambassadors.”