05 July 2021

Are you signed up to parentsportal.scot?

If you already have a parentsportal.scot account you will continue to be able to log into parentsportal.scot and have access to any tiles that either provide general information or are links to other webpages over the summer, however you will no longer see the name of any child(ren) who is leaving or moving schools in your list of linked children.  This is because all schools require to enter a leaving date.  Once we reach this leaving date, all parentsportal.scot child links for leaving child will be broken. 

Requests for child links to new schools will start in August.  If the new school is an Aberdeenshire school, you will be notified during the first few weeks of term when to make the new link. If you try to set up the new link before schools open again, you may receive an automatic notice of a Link Child Failure. Please wait till the new school opens and try again then.

If you have any other issue with parentsportal.scot over summer, please refer to Aberdeenshire's web page (Parentsportal - Aberdeenshire Council) or use the 'Chat/Virtual Assistant' or 'Need help?' options at the bottom right hand corner of the parentsportal.scot login page.  As most school offices are closed over the holidays, any messages left with the school may not be responded to.

If you don’t yet have a parentsportal.scot account, why not consider it? Parentsportal is a digital service where you can carry out transactions with schools such as the Annual Data Check – saving money, paper and completing it at a time that suits you. To access parentsportal.scot in Aberdeenshire, you need to sign up for myAberdeenshire using your own name (not your child’s), if you haven’t already done so. There are several benefits of registering with myAberdeenshire; finding out about changes to school transport arrangements and reminding yourself of bin collection dates can all be done with minimum fuss with a click of a button.  To register or for more information please visit http://bit.ly/2BzNhAC

Top tips when registering

To ensure security, the school system has to see an exact match in parentsportal.scot.  Have you used Pam in your myAberdeenshire account but used Pamela in parentsportal.scot?  Have you changed your address in the school system but not updated myAberdeenshire?  Does the school system have the wrong mobile number?  Any of these examples are enough for the school system not to see an exact match and block linking your child’s record to your parentsportal.scot account. To walk you through this, have a look in our trouble shooting guide