09 February 2022

Apple trees available to all schools across Aberdeenshire

Aberdeenshire Council's Greenspace Project team is offering each school in Aberdeenshire one heritage apple tree to plant in their school grounds or in the community. This is part of the Scottish Government's Nature Restoration Fund to address the biodiversity and climate crisis.

Why should schools take part?
Apple trees bring joy with their blossoms and fruit. They bring connection to food in nature and nourishment for the body, and they make pollinators happy too. 

Involving children with planting and caring for an apple tree can bring a sense of anticipation for the future, environmental stewardship, and can be incorporated into teaching around biodiversity, sustainability, and the environment.

What do schools need to do?
Each school is responsible for the planting of their tree. Video instructions will be provided and further support and tools are available on request.

The trees will be delivered to 17 academies across Aberdeenshire and all other schools must arrange to pick up their tree from there.

The future care of the tree will be the responsibility of the school. This means watering, weeding and yearly pruning. Guidance on maintenance will be provided.

What next?
The trees will be delivered in the first week of March and should be planted as soon as possible.

To take part in the project, school leaders should send an email to greenspace@aberdeenshire.gov.uk by February 21. Please include details of who will plant the tree, where the tree will go, school capacity to pick up the tree from your nearest secondary school, and any request for additional support.