01 March 2022

Aberdeenshire communities join to support Ukraine

Individuals and communities across Aberdeenshire continue to show great support for those affected by the ongoing situation in Ukraine.

Over the past few days, the Polish community has worked tirelessly to co-ordinate the gathering and delivery of essential items to the Polish Ukranian border.

Aberdeenshire's Syrian new Scots community has been moved to show solidarity with Ukranian refugees by collecting donations in Inverurie. That’s in addition to the contributions to charities and other efforts being undertaken by those living and working in Aberdeenshire.

Appeals for physical donations to various local groups have now largely been suspended, as shipments are already en route to those who need them, but contributions to funding appeals are still welcome. Among those collecting funds to support efforts on the ground are the British Red Cross, whose details can be found below.

Within Aberdeenshire Council, our dedicated refugee resettlement team is monitoring Home Office announcements, and is ready to take immediate action as evolving national guidance is published.

British Red Cross appeal: https://donate.redcross.org.uk/appeal/ukraine-crisis-appeal