03 March 2022

New app to help young people access free bus travel

Did you know all children and young people aged under 22 can now access free bus travel across Scotland? Find out more at: Young Persons' Free Bus Travel Scheme | Overview | Transport Scotland

A new Transport Scot Pass Collect app lets people aged 16 – 21, who already have a Young Scot National Entitlement Card (NEC) (or non-Young Scot branded NEC), to download free bus travel onto their existing card. This means they may not need to apply for a replacement.

The app guides them through the process of downloading free bus travel onto their card, with simple step-by-step instructions. It will tell them when free bus travel has been successfully downloaded onto the card, and then they are ready to jump on the bus for free straight away.

Visit the Transport Scotland website as above for more information.