30 March 2022

First for Scotland as Aberdeenshire Council offers choice of cashless car-park payment methods

Aberdeenshire Council is to become the first local authority in Scotland to offer a choice of cashless payment methods for use of its car-parks.

From April 1, motorists will have the option of using either RingGo or PayByPhone digital solutions for making payments, as well as the continued option to use coins or cards - contactless or chip - at our machines.

RingGo has worked well since Aberdeenshire introduced it back in March 2017, but we have acknowledged that some customers are more used to using other cashless parking providers. 

Location codes for both RingGo and PayByPhone will be the same, but to enable us to do that we have had to add a ‘9’ at the start of the current codes.

The car-parks at Oldmeldrum and Turriff - while only having restricted time periods and no parking tariffs - will also be able to make use of these methods and signage will be in place to allow those users to also register parking sessions via either RingGo or PayByPhone. 

Philip McKay, Head of Roads and Infrastructure, said: “By working in tandem with the two systems it will provide a far better method of payment to those using our many car-parks. By providing that choice, it will help us create the best possible customer experience and offer additional reliability and efficiencies for us as the operator.”