04 April 2022

Call for funding applications to the Banff and Buchan Initiatives Fund

Communities can now apply for the Banff and Buchan Area Initiatives Fund, which will provide funding of up to £5,000 - or £10,000 if identified in a Community Action Plan or similar - for projects such as improvements to towns or volunteering schemes.

The fund of £81,200 has been set aside to support local groups to meet the needs of their communities and tap into the talent and resources that exist throughout the area.

The first round of applications should be submitted by 12 noon on Friday, May 20th.

Applications are invited from constituted groups and the aim is to deliver projects within the Banff and Buchan area in line with the following themes:

• Changing Aberdeenshire’s relationship with alcohol
• Reducing child poverty
• Connected and cohesive communities
• Improving the appearance and maintenance of towns and villages
• Stronger communities
• Safer communities
• Supporting health and active communities
• Tackling poverty and inequality
• Transport and connectivity

For an application form or for further details call 01467 530700 or email banffandbuchanamo@aberdeenshire.gov.uk