Inverurie Community Campus

The design and layout of a new Inverurie Community Campus has moved a step closer.

Last week the Education and Children’s Services Committee agreed to progress with the building layout as it appears in the existing proposed building footprint. The layout agreed today would accommodate a six lane swimming pool, which is an increase in the current provision in Inverurie. The final number of lanes will be agreed by the Communities Committee.

Members were told of the importance of protecting funding streams and keeping this exciting project running to time. They agreed to move to the next step in the process of designing the new campus (known as the gateway report process) and will continue to develop plans for the site.

They asked to have it noted on record the importance of funding already secured and that external funding sources should not be put not jeopardy.

• Members agreed that the proposals were a significant improvement on the current provision.
• It is a partnership model with the aim of delivering this new community campus by March 2020. 

The proposals for the campus reflect the feedback from community engagement and detailed planning activity.

Much of the debate was focused on the number of lanes in the pool which has been the subject of a local campaign. Officers stressed that the proposed 6 lanes were already an improvement on the current provision. They warned that adding extra lanes would require significant redesign to the overall building at an additional cost of over £2 million, a new footprint and could delay the project to a point that could jeopardise more than £24 million of Scottish Government funding.

The committee heard a presentation from a group called “8 lanes for Inverurie” who presented their views that eight lanes were essential for future growth and capacity and for improving the overall appeal of Inverurie. They told officers of their campaign growing in momentum and that they wanted to create a pioneering regional facility.

Director of Education Maria Walker said: “A full and frank debate took place about the building footprint and the committee was reminded of its remit to consider the layout and the education provision. The debate about the number of lanes in the pool is one which will rest with the Communities Committee however it was important to have that level of debate at this meeting, so that members were all clear about the wider implications of their decisions.”

The lane provision will be discussed by the Communities Committee next week.