Meeting of Aberdeenshire Council 18th May 2017

Aberdeenshire Council held its inaugural meeting welcoming 70 councillors to the Council Chamber at Woodhill House, Aberdeen.


First order of business was the appointment of a Provost which was agreed as Cllr Bill Howatson, and Deputy Provost as Cllr Ron McKail.


Cllr Jim Gifford was appointed as Leader of the Council, with Cllr Peter Argyle as Deputy Leader.


Councillors agreed chair and vice-chair appointments to committees:


Business Services Committee

Chair: Cllr Jim Gifford

Vice-Chair: Cllr Colin Clark


Communities Committee

Chair: Cllr Anne Stirling

Vice-Chair: Cllr Iris Walker


Education & Children’s Services Committee

Chair: Cllr Gillian Owen

Vice-Chair: Cllr Mark Findlater


Infrastructure Committee:

Chair: Cllr Peter Argyle

Vice-Chair: Cllr John Cox


Audit Committee:

Chair: Cllr Ross Cassie

Vice-Chair: Cllr Alistair McKelvie


Names of members (and substitute members) of all policy committees will be confirmed by group leaders by the end of next week.


Appointments Committee:

Chair: Cllr Jim Gifford

Vice-chair: Cllr Peter Argyle


Appeals Committee:

Chair: Cllr Anne Simpson


Procedures Committee:

Chair: Cllr Bill Howatson


A range of other appointments were then made to outside bodies, partnerships, statutory bodies and the Licensing Boards.