Over 80 people attend event to show recovery from addiction is possible

Over 80 people attended a celebration of recovery event at the Alexander Clinic recently.

Founded in 1998, Oldmeldrum based Alexander Clinic is an independent hospital providing 23 residential beds offering alcohol and drug treatment to adult men and women. They provide confidential, 24 hour medical support, detoxification, primary and secondary care treatment as well as aftercare and family services.

The Alexander Clinic is also funded by Aberdeenshire Council to provide Counselling and Therapy services for people who may feel that a residential intervention is not a viable alternative or suitable for their needs.

Former clients from as far away as Worcestershire, Norfolk and Brighton who had formally lived in Grampian at time of treatment, were among those who attended the event. 

Christine Duncan, Director of Aishling Healthcare Ltd who run the service, said “We had clients who have 24 years sobriety and clients who have just completed treatment attending the event.

“There has been much focus on deaths from addiction recently but each of the 80 people who attended the event last Saturday is a success story. They are proof that long term recovery is possible and it is a credit to them and the people who work at the Alexander Clinic that they have been able to turn their life around.

“Due to the success of the celebration of recovery event, we have decided to make it an annual event and next year friends and families will also be invited.”

Wayne Gault Lead Officer at the Aberdeenshire Alcohol and Drugs Partnership said: “Anyone can suffer addiction but every single person who attended the event last weekend is proof that people can and do recover. There is a huge amount of work which goes on across Aberdeenshire to help people who suffer from addictions. The message from Saturday, for people who have an addiction, is that help is available and you can recover.”