Collect a card minder to protect against contactless bank card fraud

Protect yourself against contactless debit or credit card fraud by picking up a card minder at an Aberdeenshire Council library near you.

Contactless credit and debit cards are very easy to use but as technology advances so do the ways in which cyber criminals can extract data from these cards.

The free card minder fits in a wallet or handbag easily and prevents criminals from being able to copy personal information.

Cllr Ron McKail, Aberdeenshire Council’s Garioch and North Marr Community Safety Group chair, said: “This is a safety issue of concern and the ease as to how our bank cards can be swiped when they are still in our wallet or handbags needs to be highlighted.

“The safety group have provided a supply of card protectors which are available at libraries in Aberdeenshire.”

Darren Mills, Safer Communities Sergeant, said: “"Police Scotland commends the Garioch and North Marr Community Safety Group for highlighting this topic and for providing their communities with a product that aims to deliver an extra layer of protection against bank and credit card details being obtained and used for criminal gain. 

“I take this opportunity to remind card users to memorise their PIN number rather than writing it down, to shield the keypad when entering their PIN, to report any camera or suspicious device attached to a card machine and to be vigilant whenever handling cash in a public place."

The card minders are available at Alford, Huntly, Inch, Inverurie, Kemnay, Kintore and Westhill libraries.