Road users urged to have Safer September following motorcyclists' deaths

Following the deaths of three motorcyclists on Moray and Aberdeenshire roads in two months, road users are being told to have a ’Safer September‘.

Two riders and one pillion passenger have died in the area since July, prompting the two councils to encourage motorists to be vigilant.

Aberdeenshire and Moray have numerous routes which provide great opportunities to see the north-east at its best, however, thinking about road safety throughout your journey can make it a much safer experience.

Councillor Peter Argyle, Chair of Aberdeenshire Council’s Infrastructure Services Committee and the council’s Deputy Leader, said: “North-east roads can be very busy during the summer months and with autumn now approaching, September is often seen by motorcyclists as one of the final months where good riding conditions are available.    

“When someone is killed in a road traffic incident, they are not just another number - they are someone's family member, best friend or partner and a huge hole will always be left behind by their loss.

“Under the helmet and leathers, or inside any vehicle, is a person with a life, people who love and depend on them. Everyone needs to remember this when considering taking risks on public roads.”

Leader of Moray Council, Cllr George Alexander, said the recent death toll is distressing for all.

“Motorcycling is clearly growing as a leisure pursuit, which on our rural roads is perfectly understandable,” he said.

“But, as I’m frequently told by motorcyclists, it’s a pursuit that requires complete concentration at all times, so I would ask all riders to take that extra bit of care, concentrate and watch the speed.

“Everyone using the roads, irrespective of the mode of transport they are using, has to be mindful about their own and other road users’ safety.  A momentary loss of concentration, being distracted or a poor decision can result in a catastrophic outcome.”

Police Scotland Road Policing Inspector Jon Barron said: “I am acutely aware of the desperately tragic toll following road traffic collisions and that too many families have suffered and are continuing to suffer across our area.

“Road users can help by concentrating fully, by paying attention to what is going on around them and by making sure that their vehicle is safe and they are fit to drive or ride. 

“Please look out for each other, particularly more vulnerable road users including motorcyclists, pedal cyclists and pedestrians and play your part in keeping north east roads safe.”

The ‘Safer September’ message is simple; enjoy travelling in the north-east, but remain focussed on your driving, riding and the road around you.