Twelve people elected to serve on Ellon Community Council

The 12 people elected to serve on Ellon Community Council were announced tonight after a public vote.
They are:
Claire Tawse
Carla Zambonini
George Stewart
Juliana-Maria Gorska
Bruce Robertson
Ian Arthur Killicoat
Ghassan Al Hassani
Allan Forrest
Craig Davis
Michael Jennings
Michael Morton
Carron Boardman

The results were announced following a count at The Buchan Hotel in Ellon. The total number of people who voted was 222. Each person was allowed to vote for up to 12 candidates.
Elaine Brown, Formartine Area Manager and returning officer for this election, said: “I would like to thank everyone involved in today’s election and offer my congratulations to the successful candidates. I look forward to working with them all. 

“We had nearly double the number of candidates required which shows there are a lot of people who want to help and represent the community they live in. Hopefully those who were unsuccessful on this occasion will not be discouraged. There are lots of ways people can help their local community.”

As well as representing the community to the local authority, Community Councils facilitate a wide range of activities which promote the well-being of their communities. Community Councils can advise, petition, influence and advocate numerous causes on behalf of local communities.

The result of Ellon Community Council Election was:

Ghassan AL-HASSANI 80
Carron BOARDMAN  55
Scott BREMNER  53
Frederick BRISTO Asked to withdraw(6)
Craig DAVIS  75
Alan FORREST  76
Julianna-Maria GORSKA 92
Michael JENNINGS 65
Ian Arthur KILLICOAT 85
Leah MATTHEW  Asked to withdraw (16)
Michael MORTON  74
George STEWART  105
Claire TAWSE  134
Bruce WYMER  37
Carla ZAMBONINI  127
Jessica ZANONI  45